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Your website is by far the most important part of your digital presence. Therefore, it makes good sense to have 100% control over it. Developing a new website is a big thing where you will experience great expectations from your entire company and other stakeholders. Our task is to develop your site optimally and ensure that you reach your goal - on time.
We are part of the entire process to ensure that the task is understood, that the objectives are documented and realistic and to ultimately ensure that you present a website that both your customers and your company are proud of.
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Our team has experience from web development of over +100 websites.
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Why choose us to develop your website?

Our team has experience from more than 100 different web projects. For us, all web projects are unique, and therefore our most important task is to understand what your expectations and needs are.
With our approach to web development, we create a strong website where conversions, text, design, SEO and responsiveness go hand in hand. If that sounds like something to you, we might be the right partner.

Our process

When you have your website designed by Itch Marketing, we follow a set project plan that is adapted to your pace. During the project, your entire team will remain involved through a project manager so that we can achieve your agreed goals within the framework and budget.

1. Introductory workshop
2. Design & branding
3. Wireframes
4. First draft
5. Development
6. Test & launch

Introductory workshop

For our initial workshop, we review your ideas and wishes for a new website. We are talking both brand, design and functionality. In addition, we discuss objectives and the project plan, where we also agree on deadlines.

Design and branding

If it is agreed, then we work with your brand and find a new, well-developed visual direction that matches the expression you want to create with your new website. The design is based on best practices and vast experience of what works best. Nothing gets done just because "it looks good".


Together we agree on which modules should be used on the website. This is done through wireframes that are easy for you to relate to. By working closely together, we create a solid structure for building the website, which forms the basis for the final, user-friendly design.

First draft

In this process, we combine design and wireframes, and come up with our proposal for how the front page can be designed. When we start by developing only the first draft of the front page, this means that valuable time is saved on corrections and adjustments based on your input. Once the front page design has been approved, we can start preparing all the sub-pages based on the elements of the front page, so that the common thread emerges clearly across the website.


Once the front page is approved, we continue to design the other page templates based on the same design thread. We are also beginning the development of special modules that meet the requirements of the individual pages. As the page templates are developed, they are all sent to you for review and approval.

Testing and launch

First, we thoroughly test the site to ensure that everything is on target and works as intended. After that, we go through our detailed "pre-launch" checklist. Finally, the site is launched, and we are of course ready to handle any changes.


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