HubSpot Marketing Hub onboarding

Are you ready to get value from Marketing Hub from HubSpot? We are your ideal partner for creating a successful setup that works for employees and your business!

The opportunities with HubSpot Marketing Hub are enormous: Different tools support your marketing and convert visitors to leads and potential buyers. But it requires that your platform is set up correctly - concerning your goals, expectations and possibilities. We are happy to assist you as partner and project manager throughout the process, which means you get the total benefit of your investment from the start.


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We can help with the entire onboarding of HubSpot. The process includes among other things:

Preparing your company for the first inbound campaign, including:

● Setting up landing pages
● Setting up Thank You Pages
● Setting up forms for collecting leads
● Setting up email flow
● Boosting your inbound campaign


Moving contacts from existing CRM to HubSpot

Setting up HubSpot for your needs

Setting up lists with relevant contacts

Design of email template in HubSpot

Integration to email system (Gmail orOffice365)

Training in use of

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Designing landing pages templates in HubSpot

Integration with social media like Facebook & LinkedIn

Check out what our 11-step onboarding process contains and get an example of your project plan.

With the collaboration, Master Danmark has grown with 27 new customers and 324 leads from inbound during the first year

"With the help from Itch Marketing, we have set up our inbound marketing system, and we can measure what works and where to adjust. The interaction between marketing and sales activities is strengthened through HubSpot and Itch."
Mia Debel

Head of Marketing
Master Danmark A/S

What HubSpot Marketing Hub solution
is the best match?


Get access to tools that optimise the daily use of marketing activities - from automation flows to lead generation to blog and search engine optimisation. 

Starter, Professional or Enterprise?

Though 85% of our customers have Professional it is challenging to know what fits your needs. 
The price difference is significant, but so is the content. That is why we give you a system demo to help cover your needs so you can choose based on the proper foundation. 
If you like to dive into it yourself first, we have made a detailed introduction of the similarities and differences between Starter and Professional

Do you want to know how we can help you with HubSpot Marketing Hub?

The inbound approach is utilised by leading companies  - worldwide and in Denmark. Because it simply works! If you want to know how we can help you and get an overview of our prices, then download our pricing guide.

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