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Your website is your most valuable marketing resource, so it is crucial that it is developed properly. See our cases below, and get inspired for your own website project. We develop websites based on the HubSpot CMS that help your business grow. Are you ready to have an impressive website that collects data and uses it just like you dream of?


Selection of our websites

We are specialists in designing and developing HubSpot websites


A great website begins with a sharp strategy. Nothing is done randomly or because "it looks good". We make sure that your new website matches your goals and ambitions - both today and in the long run. That way, your website will work for you and give your business a serious boost.

Introductory workshop
Analysis & goal


If you want to be successful with your website, it's all about hitting the mark with what you say and how you say it. Our content specialists are not content with simply reusing the text from your old product brochures. We dive deep into your knowledge of your industry and your target groups and make sure to pass it on in a way that captures and keeps people - and helps convert them into loyal customers.

New content
Rewriting content


Your website design is crucial for you to stand out from your competitors and be remembered by your target audience. We have a handle on all the modern design trends and best practices, so you are sure to get a website that impresses and creates valuable conversions.

Brand guide


Although HubSpot CMS can do a lot, you really need to dig deep to achieve the best results. Our developers are real sharks who pushes the limits of what HubSpot can do, so you can get the best out of the platform. That way, you get a website that meets all your requirements, no matter how specific they are.


Why choose HubSpot CMS?

To put it simply: Your marketing department is going to love you. HubSpot's own CMS is one of the strongest marketing tools for executing your inbound marketing strategy. It's easy for your marketing staff to use, and it's linked directly to the rest of HubSpot's CRM Suite and CRM system, so the synergy almost comes naturally.

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Directly connected to your CRM

HubSpot CMS has everything you need to make a great website, and it's all in one place. When it's connected to HubSpot CRM and all the other Hubs you might use, everything you need is at your fingertips. This means faster workflows and less hassle.

Unique design

The HubSpot CMS stands out with its unique design because it gives users the freedom to create customized, flexible websites - without the need for a developer every time something new needs to happen. The integration with CRM ensures a personalized user experience that boosts engagement.

Personalization of your website content

With the HubSpot CMS, personalizing your website for your visitors becomes a breeze. Tailored content? No problem. It automatically matches the viewer so everyone gets a unique experience that matches their interests and purpose. Turn your website into a magnet that attracts visitors with relevant content.

Responsive on all devices

HubSpot CMS ensures that your website is always displayed perfectly, regardless of the device. From smartphones to desktops and tablets, the experience is seamless and user-friendly. Created to meet the needs of modern users, where the purchasing journey does not only take place on the work computer.

Easy to maintain

HubSpot CMS makes maintenance a breeze. With intuitive design and automated updates, it keeps your website in tip-top shape effortlessly. Server, https, CDN and all other needs of modern hosts are included. Adapt easily and stay ahead with minimal effort. It's maintenance that actually feels effortless instead of a chore that eats up valuable work time.

Integrated marketing automation

By building your new website on the HubSpot CMS, you get the option of direct integration with HubSpot's Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs. It ensures a uniform, seamless experience for your customers and enables automated marketing strategies that draw on data from the entire customer journey.

This is how we help with your web project

Our process

When you have your website designed by Itch Marketing, we follow a set project plan that is adapted to your pace. During the project, your entire team will remain involved through a project manager so that we can achieve your agreed goals within the framework and budget.

1. Introductory workshop
2. Design & branding
3. Wireframes
4. First draft
5. Development
6. Test & launch

Introductory workshop

For our initial workshop, we review your ideas and wishes for a new website. We are talking both brand, design and functionality. In addition, we come up with objectives and a project plan with agreed deadlines.

Design and branding

If it is agreed, then we work with your brand and find a new visual style that matches the expression you want to create with your new website.


Together we agree on which modules should be used on the website. This is done through wireframes that are easy for you to relate to. By working closely together, we create a solid structure for building the website, which forms the basis for the final, user-friendly design.

First draft

In this process, we combine design and wireframes and come up with our proposal for how the front page can be designed to meet your wishes and needs.
By starting with the front page and getting it approved by you, we can streamline the process and minimize the time spent on corrections afterwards.


Once the front page is approved, we continue to design the other page templates based on the same design thread. We are also starting the development of special modules. As the page templates are developed, they are all sent to you for review and approval.

Test & launch

First, we thoroughly test the site to ensure that everything is on target. Next, we go through our "pre-launch" checklist. Finally, the site is launched, and we are of course ready to handle any changes and adaptations.


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