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Itch Marketing is a dedicated inbound agency specialized in inbound marketing and sales and certified HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner.


With dedicated specialists, data-driven decisions and a creative mindset, we help companies strengthen their digital context with automation and streamlining of sales, marketing and CRM activities.

Let us assess your potential with inbound

Put inbound marketing and inbound sales at the forefront with HubSpot

Itch Marketing is a certified HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner with a 360 degree focus on inbound marketing, sales enablement and the HubSpot ecosystem. With our team of dedicated specialists and strategists, we improve the digital context in companies by automating and streamlining CRM, sales and marketing activities.

For our customers, this means an even stronger position in the market, better alignment between marketing and sales and ultimately noticeable growth.

Let us help you grow with inbound

Whether you are looking for strategic consulting, platform implementation and onboarding or training and education, our specialists and project managers can assist you.

Based on the customer journey, we provide solutions with the aim of following the customer all the way through their customer journey and decision making -  with the right messages and needs coverage at the right time.

Read more about our solutions, or contact us and learn more about how we can help you.

Strengthen your business with HubSpot

If you are completely new to HubSpot, we can help you with training and workshops for your employees and setting up the relevant hubs.

If you are already utilizing HubSpot in your company, we can give you advice on how you can get even more value out of the platform and help you with the implementation.

HubSpot may be the ideal choice for companies that want to break down silo thinking and make the most of automation, data and cooperation between functions. With HubSpot, you have everything in one central ecosystem which ensures the best experience - both for customers and employees.

Consolidate your operations in one single platform

HubSpot's CRM Suite is HubSpot's offer for companies that want to go all-in on HubSpot and create a strong, unified inbound approach in the company – across CRM, sales, marketing and customer support.

You combine both marketing, sales and service in the same system and get full transparency and coherence between your departments.

It creates better collaboration, faster processes and provides better conditions – both internally, but also for your customers!

Data in one place
Full transparency

Power your marketing activities with Marketing Hub

The possibilities with the HubSpot Marketing Hub are great and many. There are a lot of tools that can support your marketing and turn your visitors into leads and further into potential customers.

But it requires that your platform is set up correctly – both in relation to your goals, expectations and possibilities. We are your sparring partner and project manager throughout the entire process, so that you get the full benefit of your investment in Marketing Hub.

Lead scoring
Lead nurturing

Close more opportunities with Sales Hub

Create synergies and transparency for your colleagues in the sales department, and move the manual sales work in Excel to a modern sales platform.

HubSpot Sales Hub helps you save time by automating sales processes with a lot of functions optimized for your sales department.

Sales enablement
Inbound sales

Create exceptional customer experience Service Hub

There are greater expectations for customer service than ever. All studies point in the same direction – companies with strong customer service grow! HubSpot Service Hub is designed to give you tools that create loyal and happy customers.

HubSpot Service Hub gives you the features that can be used to increase your customer retention and create happy and satisfied customers. Your customers can easily get in touch with you, you get a simple overview of customer cases and several obvious methods for measuring customer satisfaction.

Ticket helpdesk

Create magic with a website connected directly to your CRM

HubSpot's own CMS is one of the strongest marketing tools to execute on your inbound marketing strategy. It is easy for your marketing staff to use, and it is linked directly to the rest of HubSpot's Growth suite and CRM system.

HubSpot CMS is designed to be easy to use for your marketing team. In addition, it is built to generate leads and generate lots of traffic with nice features.

SEO & Content
Lead generation
Smart content

Get strategic advice from certified HubSpot strategists

We are happy to help you with all aspects of HubSpot - regardless of whether your company is already running on the platform, or whether your company is considering switching to it.

HubSpot is a central part of our company, and we are Platinum Solutions Partners and specialists in the software's many options and functions. For you, this means that you get the best possible help when you seek strategic advice or sparring about HubSpot.

Strategic advice can, for example, be about whether HubSpot is the right platform for you and your company - from general needs coverage to concrete requirements specification.

Strategic decisions

Stay sharp with relevant training and education

We continuously help our customers with training and education in HubSpot - regardless of whether it is low-practical training in specific functions or practical workshop sessions that focus on strategic measures in the company.

We offer help for self-help, so that you as users of HubSpot stay sharp and continuously learn new aspects and functions in HubSpot. Together, we ensure that you get the full benefit out of HubSpot.

It could, for example, be a practical workshop to uncover and define a lead scoring framework or a strategic workshop with a focus on optimizing your sales processes and sales activities. It could also be low-practical videos and guides that you can regularly return to if needed.

1:1 Sessions
Learning Hubs

Get off to a good start with the implementation and onboarding of HubSpot

Let's put together the right strategy and process for your implementation and onboarding of HubSpot in the company.

We now have many HubSpot projects behind us and can therefore boast of having a solid and well-worked framework for implementing HubSpot in the company - regardless of whether it is CRM, marketing, sales or customer support.

Iteration and quality assurance

Inbound marketing and sales boost growth at Master Danmark

The implementation of HubSpot and a strategic effort with inbound marketing and inbound sales have positioned the digital channels direct contributors to the company's growth.

With the implementation of HubSpot and the collaboration with Itch Marketing, Master Denmark has grown with 27 new customers and 324 leads from inbound during the first year.

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