SEO & Keyword Analysis

To succeed with digital marketing, traffic from searches on Google is essential.

A strong keyword analysis answers what keywords your visitors need to use to get to your website. You can compare the analysis with the most important keywords for your business. Is there a match? Are there inconsistencies that need to be corrected to increase the possibility that your business will be found at the right time?

We can make the keyword analysis for you. It will answer how your website performs concerning the most important keywords. Furthermore, you will get answers on where to put an effort to drive more relevant traffic to your website.

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How our SEO & keyword analysis works

Month #1 - Strategy

We focus on the strategic level, so the foundation is laid for your website to be a success. In 30 days we examine how your website is performing and where to pay attention to increase your growth with the right visitors. 


Month #2 - Continuously development

When the analysis is produced, we will make a plan for continuously SEO activities. 

This effort is based on a subject, product category, or service, which we together determine to give extra focus. 

How considerable effort it takes depends on the competition for the chosen keyword. It is why we cannot give a price ahead before collecting data from the strategy. 



What is the need for SEO and keyword analysis?

A keyword analysis is a powerful tool you should actively use if you work with inbound marketing. You need a solid informative foundation to succeed in creating the right traffic through Google. The competition for first place on Google is usually tough to achieve, but you need to act strategic if you want to succeed.

Our keyword analysis creates a powerful foundation for your inbound marketing. We are probably the ideal partner for you if you are looking for a strategic partner within inbound marketing. Let us get chat. 

Interested in the price of our SEO & keyword analysis?

We work in depth with your keyword analysis. We get around your business and find the crucial searches you must be found.

Download our pricing guide and see the price for our SEO and keyword analysis and what it contains.

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